Saturday, July 28, 2012

"I learned a lot about what I can do"

Well..hello blogging world.
It seems I like to leave ya'll in long periods of silence.
This past year has been the biggest whirl wind of change.

..I graduated school.
..I have the best career and work environment, ever.
..Im in mushy cheesy love.
..Im awake.

I feel like there were times in the past years where I just felt asleep.
Ya know?

Like everything around me was a dream.
My life.
My friends.
My mistakes.

But not anymore.
I feel it all. See the reality in everything.
Its a good thing. I swear.
It feels good. 

First there was school--
It completely ended my rut. I looked forward to something. There were goals to was a blessing in disguise. I fell in love with the creativity, the art, the sculpture of hair. It gives me goosebumps..I get so excited sometimes. I've always been one of those people that has to "fix" things for others. And I think this is my way to do that on a daily basis. I love forming relationships with new guests. I was always told I should be a psychiatrist..and well. I am..

You guys have heard of the Domino effect..right? Well, It happened. It started at The Process Institite of place to go if you're looking into Hair Design! That place was a gift. It gave me..possibly the best education I could have asked for. The instructors got me excited.. about life, the future, HAIR! It was inspirational..the impact that place had on me. And now, I just want to share that inspiration.

Ergo...the next domino. Right before graduation I was hired at the BEST Salon for me. The ladies I share my life with at Salon Disegno are so genuinely kind. They make me want to be a better person. We build ourselves and our team in such a positive atmosphere. We do charity work. We volunteer. Its made me realize that this life is all about giving back. And well, that makes life exciting.

 In my past blogs I read about ruts...what rut? 


All of this turning my life around. Being happy. Creative. Inspired. Loving. Kind. Well, it led me to being the person that I used to be. Or wanted to be. Or aspired to be..Whatever!.. Whichever person I am now...Im glad I found her. She's stronger, more confident. Less depressing. She believes in the good in the world. She believes in love-- the really mushy, cheesy, lasts forever kinda love.

Which brings us to this Boy of mine.
He's the bomb diggity..
Hes kind.

He's just..the best part of my day!

We have and this boy. We're what you call High school sweet hearts. There is a lot of heartache and mistakes in our past. Buut I don't think of it as a bad omen..more, growth. Growth into the adults we are today. Over the years...he has become more of the man I wanted..than I ever thought possible. He has the sweetest, kindest disposition when it comes to me and my needs. And did I mention handsome? This Boyy is adorable. He makes me laugh. We're playful. We're clingy. We're independent. We're adventurous.

He's home.

Let me esplain. He isn't home. Thats silly. A person can't be a building. But more a feeling..Ya dig? Home is in his arms. Watching movies on the couch. Eating our signature dessert...brownies and ice cream ( I should really expand our dessert options ). Falling asleep so he has to wake me up and tell me to go to bed. Thats home. Thats comfort. Thats...Happy. I think I could stay inside tucked away with this Boyy forever.

Mushy and Cheesy?
I know.
You were forewarned.

P.S-- Everytime my phone lights up and its him..My heart smiles. The weak in the knees kinda smile that lets you know its gonna be forever. 

Im happy guys..
Its been a long time coming.
But I feel like its all clear now.

My life. 
My Career,
My Aspirations.

Its good to be grounded.
To have sunshine and rainbows follow you around
You should try it sometime

But for now...Im going to bed. This is enough updating for one day.

P.S.-- Please enjoy this song as my gift to you!

..If you've never heard Jesse Ruben I suggest you get to YouTubing him.
You'll fall in love

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Im a new soul-- In a very strange world"

I havent written in a long time.
I havent had enough to say.
Or..maybe, too much to say.
Ya know what I mean?

Anyway, its been a string of rather good/bad days latly.
Ya know the kind...
They start out good..get bad..and end well.
Welcome, to my life.


Haha. But im over it.
Im trying to see the silver lining.
Im starting school soon--YAYY  ME!

Im excited.
Well, at least im hoping im starting school soon.
I'll have all my stuff turned in next week.
Go me.

Im gonna do something worthwhile with my life.
Annnd maybe sing a song or two.

Ive read some rather good books as of late.
I finished the Hunger Games series..

Annnd before that I started reading The Mortal Instruments series.
The new one just came out like last week.
Im excited.
I <3 them

I've been happy as of late.
Goodbye RUT

I have the best friends a girl could ask for.
Ya know?

Im sure everyone says that.
Im quite fond of mine.

I love having old friends back in my life.
Theres something about talking to an old friend that makes you feel so..
The history.
The knowledge.
The love.
Its all there.
It makes for good conversations.

Im moving out of my apartment.
Not so thrilled.
But I dont really have many options.
Im trying to see it as an opportunity to save money.
Well, save money and go to school.
Im turning my life around as of NOW
I think thats it for now.

I just felt the need to update.
Get  over it..


P.S.-- How could I forget!? 
I got muh hurr did this week.
Its like, my favorite past time. :) 
It looks *FABULOUS*

Kat's the best.
And ode to my hair..
I told Manda I was gonna make one so..
Here it is.
New Hair.
New Me.
I <3 Life! 

Monday, February 28, 2011

"Every little thing that you do.."

So, originally I was writing about the sun, the beach, happy things.
But then this song came on..


Its driving me absolutely nutty.
I have specifically not listened or sang this song for like 2 years now.
I hate how songs bring back memories.
Memories you've repressed...

But really, im over it.
It comes on my pandora.
Its on the radio randomly.
My ipod?
..I swore I deleted it..
It comes on in TARGET

How does a song haunt you?
Follow you?

Its annoying.

But..anyway. im over that.
Just a slight venting session.
Ya know?

I have decided im going to the beach.
I want to go to Destin.
I want to be tan.

I love the sun.
I love the sand.
I love relaxing.

Ah, it sounds magical.
A long weekend at the beach.
A weekend of FUN!

Sounds just like what the doctor ordered..

I want to go before it gets crowded.
Annnd before it gets ridiculously expensive.

Ohh my, I cant wait to be tan.
Thats by far the BEST part of summer.

Maybe, while down there i'll stop and see some family.
If there is family close?
I dunno. 
Most of the family tends to stay more inland.
Ohh well.

I just wanna go--RIGHT NOW! 

That is all for right now.
I just wanna go to the beach.
Nothing else is really on my mind.

Kayy Bye Loves :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Lost what it takes to really, really feel"

Its been one of those weeks where I feel like if something could go wrong it would.
Annnd, its not just this week.
It was part of last week too..
I just don't know whats wrong.

Its been a constant string of just really rotten days.
I havent been feeling well.
My cats been evil.
I feel alone.
My hairs bothering me.
Works been hell.
...Im saying "hell" again...
Im uninspired.

Meh, im done making a list. Its just plain depressing.
I wish I knew what was wrong.
Its like the other week when I felt like my heart was broken.

How do I fix this?
I keep thinking I've fixed it with different things.
Annnd, well, it just comes back.

Im pretty positive this isnt depression.
Its juuust...a rut?

Maybe it just boils down to the same'ol same'ol
I need to leave.
Get out of here.
Move far far away.

I need change.
New people.
New music.
New surroundings.

I need to learn.

I was thinking about this the other day when Twit blogged...
Annd the things Jeff said to her..hit me.
I have so much to be grateful for.

So, why is it so hard sometimes to appreciate those things?
Im tired of what I call "No good berry bad days"
But, I think sometimes its SUPER hard to turn that frown upside down.
Its easier sometimes to frown...

I have a habit of creating a facade.
Its worked in the past--annnd im pretty good at it.
But, its tiring.
It takes a lot of work.
Im tired of that.

Shouldn't we be real with one another?
I think so.
So, here's me being real.

Today, I thought a lot about the lesson I had on Sunday about sacrifice.
I hate sacrifice.
I hate giving up things I know are bad...
Its comforting, those friendships you shouldn't have.
Ya know?
There is something about them that makes you feel good about yourself.
Or at least, myself.

Ive just been thinking about friendships in general.
I suppose.
What friendships are?
How to maintain them..
When its time to say goodbye.
Whether, they're helping me grow--keeping me behind.

..What to do about them..

I feel like things were much easier when I was younger.
Being an adult stinks.
But, I suppose we all have to grow up sometime.

Im tired of being alone kids..
Not like...
not in a relationship kinda alone.
But more so im tired of living alone.
Feeling lonley.
Feeling like I have no one..?
Meh, I dunno.
Maybe, im just ranting now..

Here's to hoping change comes around the corner sooner rather than later.
Save Us--Cartel.

G'bye loves.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I'm a good girl I am"

Sometimes, I think I do my biggest and best thinking on Sundays.
We talked about sacrifice today in church.
Annd well..
It got me thinking.

I had always known what sacrifice was...
Buut, I always thought it was the bigger things we give.

I suppose it hadn't occurred to me that sacrifice could also pertain to--
loved ones.

It all makes sense.
I don't know why its never hit me before
You know?

It was eye-opening to say the least.
Makes you rethink a lot of decisions and choices you've made.
..are making..

Im not gonna lie and say I've been the best person as of late.
I mean, im not horrible...I suppose.
But, definitely not the best version of myself by far.

Im trying to be better.
Its just, sometimes, I find myself drawn to old...habits?
I dunno, its hard to explain.
This new me is kinda strange.
The good one, you know.
I dont think I've ever been this person before.
Does that mean im maturing? 

I guess at this point its time to turn it all over the Lord.
I absolutely love going out with the Sisters..
I feel like it gives me a purpose during the week.
Which, brings us back to..

"That thing we don't talk about"

Its still looming in the back of mind.
Constantly there--and not quite proud of my latest decisions.
I talk to almost everyone about it.
Even though....I "don't talk about it"

I've been continually praying.
No burning desire yet.
But, I think starting my papers wouldn't hurt.
I think that if through the process the Lord needed to tell me it wasn't the right thing..
He would do it then.
You know? 

At some point I should be preparing to go the temple.
Whether, its for the mission.
Or a marriage looming far in the future.

Either way, I must say how utterly EXCITED I am the temple is opening in May.
Its been a long time coming.
I havent been into a temple in ages.
I meant, I went and SAW the temple for Manda & Braden's wedding
Buuut, there wasnt much time to actually DO anything there.

What a blessing it is to have a temple so close to us.
I think this rededication has shown me how grateful and blessed I should be and am that the temple is only 30 mintutes away...
That I dont have to drive for days.
Need to sell my house.
Save for a lifetime.
Or never..
See the temple.

Im also so very excited that its going to be open to the general public for two weeks of tours.
Thats right, everyone can go through and see the beauty, that is the Atlanta Temple.
Ahh. Love.

I Love it

G'night Loves

Thursday, February 10, 2011

That thing we dont talk about..

So, I think only getting 4 hours of sleep gets to one...ya know?
And sometimes, I dont think its such a bad thing.
I tend to do some of my very best thinking when I'm sleep deprived.
I dunno. Im strange.
True fact. :)

But today was full of big and small decisions.
I think I've come closer to some things that were weighing heavy on my mind...
Its comforting
I'm happy.

But anyways..
today was a perfectly pleasent day!
4 hours of sleep and all
I went with the missionaries this morning and go to talk about the Restoration.
Love. Love. Love.
The Sis. we visited was so cute.
& her family? Adorable.
We taught a lot about the Book of Mormon & how the restoration has blessed our lives.

Sometimes it amazes me how much the Lord helps you out in situations like that.
He knows what you need to say to get through to the one your teaching.
&& he helps, ya know?

I went on a little adventure today with Koot and Twit 
It was fabulous.
We got to visit a Sis in the hospital. 
For just going through surgery she is a BALL of engery.
Shes absolutely adorable.
We also got to visit Sis. Phillips.
She went into surgery this afternoon.
My prayers are with her! 

Today, Whitney decorated the office with cute lil Valentiney things.
Again, Love. Love. Love.
It's just so festive in here I dont know what to do.

Buuut to be aware of Singles Awareness Day.
Haa- buuut Twit's my Valentine.
Could you ask for a better one?? :) 

I've been such an emotional roller coaster this week that this day was much needed.
Its amazing what a little scripture reading and such can do for a girl.
Twit gave me a talk today to read by Neil L Anderson "You Know Enough"
I needed this.

"We each have moments of spiritual power, moments of inspiration and revelation...Challenges, difficulties, questions, doubts-these are part of our mortality."

We are not alone.
Its a nice realization isn't it?
I feel uplifted today.
Its a nice change from broken hearted/uninspried/and sad..

 I wish everyone the grandest of days.
You deserve it.

Goodbye Loves

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I feel the need to do this again...

So, im a talker. I mean, I like to talk about almost anything and everything.
If I do something stupid...I want to talk about it.
Have a bad/good/inbetween day...yeahh, lets talk.

Im a wreck.
Im human.
Ya know?

I've been feeling like Im in a rut lately.
Not to complain, too much..
Buuut, I've been home from school since, like, I cant even remember when.
I feel so uncreative lately.
I desperately need change.

I dont know what kind of change i need yet. 
But...the only thing constant is change.
Or, so im told.

I have options, you know.
Going home.

Im so messed up its not funny.
I dont like change.
Yet, I crave it.
Not normal?
Yeahh, I know.

I think when I get this way I start doing stupid things.
Not, horrible im going to hell kinda things.
Juuust, things I know better than to do.

For instance, giving my number to a stranger in my parking lot.
I crave attention.
It wasnt smart I know.
Buuut, it happened. 
I regret it.

I think this week im going to work on focusing my need for attention to something useful, helpful..
If thats possible.
On Thursday, im going with the Sister missionaries to help teach about the Restoration.
Im kind of excited--theres no better way to spend my extra time.

Im hoping by spending this time with the Lord, doing his work, gets me out of my rut.
I desperately need to feel something again.
I need to feel alive, needed, inspired...something.

Someone who inspires me right now, Josiah Leming.
Heres one of my fave's
He has a new website...
You get a free download if you visit.